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  • 119 Vecro-Front Compression Bra


    By Americal Breast Care

    This compression bra is designed to stabilize breast tissue, helping to reduce swelling that may occur after breast-surgery; great for use after mastectomy, breast reduction, breast augmentation, or reconstruction. The design features a velcro-front closure, adjustable straps, and soft inner pockets that accommodate breast forms.

  • 952 – Zip-Front Post-Surgical Camisole with Drain Management


    By American Breast Care

    This camisole features a zipper-front and detachable shoulder clasp for easy wear and accessibility. The design prioritizes comfort, with features like comfort strip padding on zippers to protect sensitive skin from irritation. Complete with 2 velcro attachable drain pouches and 2 triangle puff leisure forms, this camisole set is perfect immediately following surgery.

  • Pamela Seamless Post Surgical Bra


    By Amoena
    The Pamela post-surgical seamless compression bra is hygienically prepared for direct clinical use in the operating room through a pre-washing and disinfection process. It stabilizes the post-surgical site through special knitted zones on the underside of the cup; other special knitted zones and a targeted high pressure level support lymphatic drainage and the healing process. Seamless fabric is gentle to sensitive skin.

  • Post Surgical Vest with Drain Management


    By Anaono

    Achieve maximum comfort & convenience with this Uni-Sex Post-Surgical Vest! Equipped with two rows of snaps at each shoulder for limited mobility, as well as two waist slits for drain pockets, this vest will make your post-operative experience easier than ever. And with a zipper for easy dressing, you’ll be ready for anything! This versatile vest combines sophisticated style with modern convenience – a perfect choice to ensure a comfortable post-operative experience. The two rows of snaps at the shoulder provide limited mobility for extra comfort. Plus, two waist slits provide convenient drain pockets – and the full zipper closure ensures easy dressing with no hassle. Additionally, this vest was made with a power mesh back, to help with hot flashes at night, as well as keeping you cool and comfortable throughout your healing process.

    • The front closure zipper makes dressing the vest a breeze
    • The perfect amount of snugness for your post-operative needs.
    • Strategically placed pockets on either side of the vest store drains and help with healing
    • Two rows of snaps on the shoulder make taking it off and on easier.