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  • 611 Tri-Leisure


    Trulife’s foam form for post surgery, leisure and moderate activities features a removable cotton cover and is easy to wash. It’s triangular and fits a variety of body and surgery types. The inner weighted core provides minimal weight. This form is recommended for leisure wear.

  • 630 Active Flow


    Trulife’s active flow is an ideal form for all activities including swimming and jogging. It’s lightweight monoprene beads do not absorb water and dry quickly. The beads move and flatten when bathing in the sun to create natural shape.

  • 910 Triangle Puff Form


    ABC’s Triangle Puff Form restores symmetry while offering soothing comfort and a personalized fit. ABC’s single dart design improves projection for a naturally lifted silhouette. Developed for a versatile fit, this puff form features adjustable fiber fill to add the perfect amount of fullness for you.